Why is it Necessary for Call Centers to Have a Call Recording Solution?


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Earlier call recording and storage was expensive and complex but with the arrival of call recording software, it records the phone conversations over the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) or the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and finally stores it in digital-audio format. The software even has the function of call logging as well. Call centers should all have the call recording software for the myriad benefits offered by it.

The Advantages of the Call Recording Software

Augment Agent Performance
Recording a call can help to improve the performance of the agent of the call centre. All the agents are expected to communicate effectively, politely and clearly with the customers answering patiently all their queries. The best way the management of a call centre can monitor the performance of its employees, is by hearing the recorded calls. On the basis of the recorded calls the managers can give further training to the employees to improve their performance.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction
The recorded calls in business phone system in Surrey help the managers to resolve the customer complaints promptly. For instance, if an agent jots down the wrong information of the credit card of a customer, the manager can listen to the recorded call and correct the wrong information acquired by the agent instead of calling up the customer again. This saves the Company money, time and avoids irritating the customers as well.

Effective Sales Training to the Agents
The information or data collected from recorded calls can be used to offer productive sales training to call-centre agents. For example, if a customer is in happy mood, he will provide information on a lot of things during a conversation between him and the agent. This data or information can be used to boost the sales. Deft and experienced agents know how to push a product to a customer. By playing the calls of the experienced agents, managers can train the juniors. He can also select a bad call to point out the things that agents need to avoid while interacting with the customers.

Performance reviews
Reviewing the performance is of great importance to the employees as well as the company. With the help of the call recordings, the managers can compare the employee performance to the benchmark set by the company. On the basis of the calls the agents can find out their short comings and improve their tone and performance. The supervisors and the managers can also guide them for the same.

Better security
With an effective call-recording system in place, management can monitor the inappropriate calls and find out security problems. This helps to lower the personal calls made by employees.

In addition to the call recording software, new age systems like screen recording also helps to boost the employee performance and customer experience.

Ansatel Communications Inc. is a reputed provider of communications services. It offers superior quality Panasonic business phones as well as Panasonic communication assistant productivity software. It provides top-notch quality business phone systems in Surrey and high-performing VOIP business phone system. Contact their experts for queries by calling at (604) 872-6500.

Small Business Phone System: Effective Communication System



Small businesses and start-up organizations need to compete with the leading businesses in the industry. Business phone systems play a vital role of enabling communication within the organization.

Let’s look at how a good phone system is inevitable for any business

  • For seamlessly running business operations
  • For ensuring quality communication with clients
  • To make a good rapport
  • For rapid growth of business

Though it is the era of internet and communication, business phones still play a major role in the communication system. The internet further helps to enhance the phone system. Therefore, choosing the right business phone system becomes crucial especially for a small business or start up.

Considering the Factors

Small businesses or startups have various limitations and critical factors to consider which differ from large organizations. For example, building a strong reputation is of utmost importance if you want your business to keep growing. Your communication system is one of the factors that create the first impression of your business amongst your potential clients. Voice Over Internet Protocol system tends portrays an impressive and professional image. It offers various useful features like video calls and conferencing, call recording, virtual receptionist etc.

Here are the five major factors that will guide you to make the right choice:

  1. Features

Hosted phone systems usually give you a set of features for the chosen package which means you end up paying for features you might not need, but the on-premise system gives you the privilege to choose specific services as per your needs. So the extra costing and flexibility to choose can be the deciding factor here.

  1. Cost

This is a crucial factor for small businesses or startups as they tend to have a limited budget. Hosted phone systems have a lower upfront cost due to low installation charges and no additional facility required to support the system as the is remotely located. On-premise systems, on the other hand, have a much higher upfront cost as well as other installation charges and requirement of support facilities.

However, if the total cost is considered for each of the systems, spread over the lifespan of the system, the costing might reverse.

  1. Quality

A normal call quality is usually not affected by the phone system used and therefore it cannot be differentiated much. However, the issues creep in when the call traffic increases significantly. The on-premise system is capable of prioritizing the traffic and maintaining the call quality, but the hosted system witnesses a fight between data and voice packets.

  1. Customization

On-premise system allows the IT professionals to work with the system in order to integrate the business phone system with the existing programs and software. But the controls of customization lie with the service provider in case of hosted phone systems, making it difficult to implement any customization that is required.

  1. Tech Support

Hosted systems don’t usually need tech support after the successful deployment of the system. But that is a debatable aspect. For that it is important to consider whether your business requires handling a large amount of data across the internal network and the cost you are ready to incur.

Best Service Provider

If you are looking for a quality service provider for setting up business phone systems in Vancouver, Ansatel Communications is the right choice. With highly experienced and dedicated professionals, who understand your requirements before suggesting the suitable system for you, the company offers superb after sales services too. We strive to exceed the expectation of our clients at all times.

The Right Phone System: Hosted vs. On-Premise


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Effective communication in the organization plays a key role. When you set up a company, business phone systems investment needs to be a thoughtful decision. Moreover, merely setting up the phone system is not enough. . So choosing the right phone system that caters to the needs of your communication network is vital. Installing a communication system is a significant investment which once made cannot be easily reversed. Therefore, ensure that you conduct the necessary research before making the final decision.

Factors to Consider

Whether you switch from one phone system to another or install a phone system for the first time, here are few things to consider:

Understanding Your Companies Need

  • What are the shortcomings of the current system that you are trying to fulfill with the new system?
  • What is the possibility of an expansion in the future which the system might need to cater?
  • Are there any compliance guidelines that need to be considered?
  • Can you train your IT team and the employees on the system you will be installing?
  • Which features are absolutely necessary for the communication system?
  • Who are the vendors or service providers of business phone systems in Vancouver currently?

Understanding the Vendor

  • What is the platform required for installing the new system?
  • What other resources are mandatory to maintain and upgrade the system with time?
  • Does the system accommodate expansion in terms of users as well as location? If yes, how many?
  • Checking compatibility with existing software and programs
  • What is the cost of the comprehensive system and installation?
  • What are the features included in the basic package and what is the cost of any additional feature?
  • Pre-purchase and post-sale services and support

These are some of the basic questions which help you have a fair idea of whether to choose a hosted phone system or the on-premise system.

The Debate

Though you toned to make the choice between a hosted phone system and the on-premise system, it is not a competition of the best but rather the system that best suits your business. It is about choosing the system that caters to all the communication requirements of your business.

Here is the comparison to guide you to choose the best:

  1. Capital and Deployment Costs
Hosted Phone System On-Premise Phone System
Capital cost: Hardware and software installation and acquiring the necessary license.

Deployment Cost: Low upfront cost as the only cost incurred is equipping your employees with IP phones

Capital cost: Hardware and software installation and acquiring the necessary license.

Deployment Cost: Higher upfront cost incurred to install the system, employee training and troubleshooting possible hitches.

  1. Flexibility
Hosted Phone System On-Premise Phone System
Easy addition and alteration of features by just giving the service provider a call. Changes will require planning and execution, while the addition of new location or new branch might not be economically possible.
  1. Scalability
Hosted Phone System On-Premise Phone System
Instant scaling can be done seamlessly by the IT team, does not require the attention of any technician. This system caters for a fixed number of user units and therefore any expansion plans need to predicted and accounted for before the installation process
  1. Circuits
Hosted Phone System On-Premise Phone System
Installation and configuration are completely the service provider’s responsibility. It is on you to ensure the accurate installation of the system which includes the circuits and connections.
  1. Facilities
Hosted Phone System On-Premise Phone System
Installation is in a remote location and company need not maintain any support facilities. The company will need to maintain appropriate facilities to support the system.

Choosing the Best Services

When you choose your service provider, you would want them to bring in their expertise and give you their best service. Ansatel is a service provider that offers the best business phone systems in Surrey and has over three decades of experience in the industry. We believe in excellent service and respect the unique requirement of each client irrespective of the size of their business. Choosing the right service provider is also a crucial step in setting up a new business phone system.

Ways to Have a Profitable Wi-Fi Calling Phone System


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Nowadays, Wi-Fi networks are being used to communicate and connect with customers and clients. Many people experience obstacles in mobile connectivity such as coverage issues and international travel roaming restrictions to name a few. Both big and small businesses are turning towards Wi-Fi for superior connectivity through Wi-Fi calling.

Offering Wi-Fi calling services via business phone systems in Canada presents a whole new world of opportunities. People are slowly warming up to the idea of digitalization. Although Wi-Fi calling involves numerous risk factors for service providers, they are ready to go with the flow. Wi-Fi calling provides complete network transparency and greater service accessibility features that are hard to resist.

Free VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol communication tools and apps allow users to connect with others for free. Even though you do require a good internet connection for contacting others and to manage free conference and singular calls from anywhere or anytime, it is worth the effort.

Many companies offer VoIP phone systems in Canada for helping users connect through Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook and many more mediums. These companies offer phone systems and Wi-Fi connectivity for a negligible fee, which is profitable for the consumers as well as the service providers. Earning revenue through Wi-Fi calling monetization is a novel concept and still in its initial stages of development.

Let us consider the checklist for setting up a consistent and profitable Wi-Fi calling service:

  • Getting a Wi-Fi source with Suitable Bandwidth – Monetizing your Wi-Fi network by providing Wi-Fi calling to customers can only work when you offer sufficient bandwidth (minimum 1 Mbps speed). You can research and study the fastest speed required that can support your Wi-Fi calling service.
  • Plan an appropriate Fee Structure – Setting up a Wi-Fi network and hotspot centers, can help you earn revenue. However, you also need a solid operational plan to prepare a fee structure and to collect fees from the consumers. In any case, your revenue should exceed your overall costs. You can collect flat rate on per day basis, per week basis or on a monthly basis. Wi-Fi services can be further segregated into basic service plan and a superior premium service plan.
  • Phone and Mobile Limitations – Even if you are offering a superior Wi-Fi connectivity, some users may not be able to able to incorporate it into their phone systems. They may have an old model phone that doesn’t allow them to take part in Wi-Fi calling. Switching to latest Panasonic business phone systems or carriers can help customers benefit from Wi-Fi calling services. Phone companies offering Wi-Fi calling facility can help customers connect to a worldwide audience.

Preparing for a digitalized future is a great idea. Ansatel Communications Inc. offers advanced wireless services, IP networking, VoIP services and flexible desktop and smart phones assimilation to enable Wi-Fi services.

The Company Representatives can help you indulge in cost-effective Wi-Fi calling plans and also to invest in the superior range of Panasonic phones Canada.

Feel free to call on toll-free (USA-Canada) number 1-866-872-6500 for more queries or to choose the best business phones in USA and Canada.

Choosing The Right VOIP Phone System Vendor For Your Businesses


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As a small scale businessman dealing in phone systems, it is essential to choose the right type of vendors. Selecting a reliable and dedicated vendor for business phone systems in Canada is an important step for succeeding in your business.

There are three major business phone systems in Canada. VoIP phone or Voice over Internet Protocol phone system depends solely on the internet for its operations. This business phone system is extremely beneficial for small businesses, where the requirement is very less. This VoIP technology is very popular and offers an entry gateway for upcoming businesses.

Consider these salient points while selecting a vendor for VoIP phone systems in Canada:

  • Reviews – An expert VoIP vendor is the one with positive reviews and good past experience record is vital. Their performance record with IT professionals should be assessed.
  • Durability – Choose a vendor who can guarantee durable and long-lasting service. Select a vendor company that has proven their skill and established a solid front adapting to technological changes and changing the face of the market.
  • Strength – You cannot risk associating yourself with a VoIP phone vendor who appears to be vulnerable to external or internal pressures like financial, economic or changing market trends. You need a vendor company who has overcome the rough weather and grown stronger.
  • Compatibility – Get a VoIP phone system that matches with your CRM and other software systems. It is absolutely baseless to get tied up with a popular and expert vendor that doesn’t complement with your system requirements.
  • Knowledgeable – All your current systems (hardware and software) have to be compatible with the VoIP phone system. Make sure the vendor company and their specialists have the adequate knowledge to deliver all your business requirements on time.

It is not important with hooking up with the most famous or best vendor company, it is more necessary to hire a vendor whose services and features match with your requirements. The vendor company should perfectly understand your business specifications and create a suitable VoIP platform. You can also look into various vendor comparison charts for gathering information on vendors in your locality or those that offer services that suit your business operations.

Arranging Business phones in Canada can be expensive. Always check out the VoIP phone system prices and compare the prices through online sources. If you have narrowed your search to two or three vendor companies, consider the final vendor pricing that the companies are offering and try to get an affordable quote.

Getting a live demonstration of vendor skills and useful information on their phone system for checking out its user-friendly qualities is also an important step that has to be taken before committing to a vendor proposal. Demo videos or live demo set up by the company representative is an excellent way to test the system.

At Ansatel Communications Inc. you are offered perfect VoIP phone solutions in Canada. All the functional qualities of their data and voice technology are presented for the benefit of the clients.

If you want guidance towards making a correct decision, please call the team representatives on toll-free number 1-866-872-6500.

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Ways to Improve Call Quality


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Low grade call qualities have a negative impact on a business. It frustrates and angers customers and portrays a poor image of a business. VOIP or Voice Over IP phone systems have overcome poor voice quality considerably but all VOIP systems are not equal. The VOIP technology makes use of information packets that travel long routes of IP networks to reassemble at destination.

Common problems associated with VOIP service are choppiness, delay, echo, that can be due to network variables like latency, packet loss, jitter etc. There are ways to deal with these VOIP issues and enhance call quality.

Let’s look at some of the ways to improve call quality.

Lowering the Use of Bandwidth
You can reduce the usage of your bandwidth by buying high contention ratio of internet connection and making certain simple changes in the daily business operations. This can be done by the following ways:

  • Lowering making simultaneous calls.
  • Pausing download when someone has to use the VOIP.
  • Removing unnecessary items from your company’s computers that run as soon as the computers start.
  • Ensuring file transfers and automatic backing up of programs take place at night when nobody is using the computers.
  • Running the regular network, speed tests on each and every computer of your company to enhance the VOIP speed and lower bandwidth usage.
  • Ensuring outbound calls are made from your company during that time of the day when contention ratio is lowest.

Adjusting Quality of Service
It may not be always possible to limit the VOIP calls to the times of usage of low bandwidth especially if your business receives a huge number of the inbound calls. To make sure that adequate bandwidth is available at all times during the day, adjust the quality of the service features of your network to prioritize the VOIP calls over other programs. To do that, instruct the router to prioritize the VOIP traffic by clicking the applications option on its setup application on the computer.

Train the Staff
You have to provide adequate training to your staff. Otherwise, despite having the best software, service and network for your VOIP, you may not gain much out of it. The data and voice staffs should be trained to understand each other’s requirements. Failure to do so would result in conflicting demands and under utilization of the resources.

Invest in a Good Quality Headset
Obsolete and inexpensive headsets are available with poorly insulated cables that can lower the quality of audio clarity significantly. To deal with this problem, invest in the headsets with insulated, short cords and replace headsets when they show decay signs. This is especially useful when employees attend business calls from home and the personal headsets of employees are not adequate for business requirements.

Ansatel Communications Inc. is an eminent communications service provider that offers good quality Panasonic business phones, wireless headsets with the handset lifter and business phone systems in Surrey. We provide superior quality of business phone systems and high performing VOIP systems in Canada. Get in touch with the experts by calling up at (604) 872-6500 for all your queries before investing in a good VOIP system.

Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Cordless Phone


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The main reason for choosing a cordless phone is portability. Not just that, it requires very little electricity to charge and assists a cell phone as well. By placing a cell phone near the base of a cordless phone, you can get access to the wireless service and make use of the cordless handset and wireless technology to take and make calls. So, for all the array of benefits associated with cordless phones, it is worth going wireless.

Let’s discuss some essential factors to keep in mind while buying a cordless phone.

  1. Not looking Beyond the Basic Features of Cordless Phone:

Certain features of cordless phones like handset and earpiece volume control handset ringer, last number redial, pager to locate handset, flash button in order to answer,  the call waiting,  low-battery indicator etc. were regarded as exclusive features in the past, but have become standard features at present. There are many other unique features of a cordless phone that you should not overlook.
o   Speaker phone: Cordless phones these days are available with speakerphone permitting users to answer calls without the handset. Using the speaker phones with intercom feature handsets can be used as room monitors. You can keep a check on the volume and clarity of voice for the speaker phone, if that is an important aspect of your regular usage.
o   Multiple handsets: This number of phones base-set supports plays a vital role in cordless phone seelction. Panasonic business phones support a maximum of 12. This can be of great help to an entrepreneur depending on the size of his business.
o   Pager Feature: With multiple handsets, it is easy to lose track and thus a pager feature seems to be handy in such situations. It helps to locate handsets and even warns users when they move out of the range of a base station.

  1. Not Doing Adequate Research of the Company You Are Purchasing It From

Choosing the wrong communications solutions provider, can spell disaster for your business. Thus you should choose the right company for your communication needs. Do adequate research of the company before buying the cordless business phone system. It is a good idea to go through the customer feedback, testimonials and the website thoroughly before buying the cordless phone. First be assured that the company would give you adequate support, whenever required and pay adequate attention to your requirement before suggesting a phone.

  1. Not Purchasing a Scalable Cordless Phone System

While buying business phone systems in Vancouver, it is important to take note of the present as well as the future requirements. While buying a cordless phone system do not overlook the following factors, such as

  • The cordless phone should help you to add new users. With a plug and play system you will be able to add new handsets yourself.
  • The phone system should be able to work as a central platform for a multiple locations as this can help you to avoid installing phone systems in all your offices and save you from shelling out too much of money.

Ansatel is the market leader in communications services providers for business phone systems in Vancouver at a fair price. The experts of this company can brief you on the selection of cordless phone from various manufacturers based on your requirement and budget. Contact Ansatel Communications Inc. at (604) 872-6500 to make an informed choice from the best cordless phones, before buying one for your business.

How to Choose the Best Headset for Your Business Phone System in Surrey?



A successful business depends upon a successful mode of communication. And the best mode of communication has always been through direct talks. So it is absolutely necessary to invest in a good and effective device of communication – VoIP, traditional telephones or the digital mobile phones. Whatever your choice of communication is, you will need a good headset to help you talk through your business deals with ease.

There are certain key factors you need to keep in mind before choosing a headset for your business phone system. Make your best choice on the basis of these factors and you won’t regret your choice of headset.

  • How Will You Use It?
    This is one of the most important factors while selecting a headset. Do you plan to use it as a user in a fixed location like at a desk, or someone constantly on the move inside the office and its premises or someone constantly on the move outside an office premises?
  • How Noisy Is Your Work Environment?
    Background noise can be a real deal breaker. If your business calls take place in a quite environment, your choice of headset should be different from the ones that provide background noise cancellation technology for noisy work environments.
  • How Long Do You Spend On Calls?
    If your business involves calls throughout the day like that of a contact center using business phone system in Surrey, your headset should be more ergonomically built to support long hours of calls without tiring you out.
  • Which Device Will You Connect It To?
    This is a basic criterion while choosing your headset. Different headsets are compatible with different devices. Based on their compatibility and your need, buy a wired or a wireless headset.
  • Binaural or Monaural?

Once you have factored in on all the key requirements of your headset for your business phone system, you are good to go. Headsets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and uses. If your headset is to be used with a PC or a telephone, you may opt for a wired headset because your calls will be at your desk. If you want a headset for your tablet or laptop, both a wired as well as a wireless headset will suffice depending on your mobility. If you plan to use one with your mobile phone, a wireless headset will be best suited for your calls.

Here are some of the best headsets for your business phone system in Surrey:

  • PLANTRONICS CS500 SERIES are good wireless headsets specifically for desk phones.
  • PLANTRONICS CS70N PROFESSIONAL WIRELESS HEADSET SYSTEM provides good noise cancellation technology in a wireless headset.
  • PLANTRONICS CS55 WIRELESS OFFICE HEADSET SYSTEM provides almost 8 long hours of wireless talk time.
  • JABRA GN2100 SERIES is a lightweight binaural headset that is ideal for long hours of calls.

Ask the experts to match the right communication solutions to your business needs.

The Best IP Conference Phones for Small and Medium Businesses in Vancouver


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With a wide range of IP Conference Phones, you will no longer have to pay separate internet and phone bills. These business phone systems work over an IP Network, which in layman’s term means the Internet, rather than a traditional telephone line, without compromising on the quality of the calls. So your hefty phone bills will no longer be an issue.

Here are some of the best IP Conference Phones:

  • This hybrid phone supports both the traditional telephone network (PSTN) and the more advanced Internet broadband connection (IP network). This helps you to communicate with people over any form of connection supported in your business.
  • It also provides background noise cancellation function to keep your conversations crisp in Hi-Definition sound and without any interference.
  • You can opt to add 2 external microphones for better speech recognition.
  • It supports web conferencing and three-party conferencing, something new in Panasonic Business Phones in Vancouver.
  • You can also record your conversations for almost 67 hours on a 2 GB SD card, which can only be found in Panasonic Business Phones.
  • It provides amazing voice clarity, thanks to the Polycom Acoustic Clarity™ technology.
  • The microphone has a wide pick up range of 10 feet, which can be extended by adding extra microchips.
  • The large LCD screen provides information on the calls done.
  • You can connect it to a mobile phone or a computer to make calls.
  • It can be set up like a traditional telephone, and supports usual phone functions like call mute, hold, redial and transfer.
  • Calls are not interfered by other mobile or wireless connections, something to look forward to in business phone systems in Vancouver.
    • This is the wireless version of the SOUND STATION 2, with the same functions.
    • It has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery to manage a wire-free conversation up to a range of 150 feet from the base dock.
    • It provides almost 24 hours of talk time on a single charge.
    • The most important feature is the provision of security through voice encryption.
    • It can be connected to PCs and mobile phones via Bluetooth, with the option of wired connections where Bluetooth is not available.
    • It has a clear 360 degree aural range of about 7 feet.
    • It provides a clear interference-free conversation with the help of its Polycom Acoustic Clarity™ technology.
    • Due to its compact design, it can be a snug fit on any desk in your office.
    • Of all the phones mentioned here, this one resembles a traditional phone the most.
    • It supports calls via handset, headset and conference and can be switched to any of these modes without a hitch.
    • It provides 360 degree room coverage through two microphones which support Acoustic Clarity Technology.
    • For first timer users of business phone systems in Vancouver, this is the easiest to use.

Contact Ansatel Communications Inc. for all your communication solution requirements in Canada. The company offers a wide range headsets, business phones as well as converged data and voice solutions at an affordable price.

Features to Look for While Buying a Cordless Phone


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Cordless phones are very useful in homes and small business set ups. Cordless base set with multiple phone connections can create a business phone system. They can even host it over a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or internet telephony to create a hosted PBX business phone system. This is only one of the advantages of using cordless phones in this day and age of mobile smartphones.

There are many other benefits such as:

  • Cordless phones provide better call quality as compared to mobile phones because cordless phones are not dependent on mobile towers for signals.
  • They offer improved voice clarity on call as compared to mobile phones. There are frequent complaints of call drop and broken voice on mobile phones.
  • Business phone systems in Surrey utilize customized phones including fixed-landlines and cordless phones. Mobile phones are seldom useful for this purpose, even though those also provide features such as conferencing, caller identification, text messaging, email, just like the cordless phone.
  • Cordless phones are preferable for families and senior citizens because the fonts on keypad are larger in size and cordless phones provide better connectivity and reliability compared to mobile phones.

New offices looking to set up cordless business phone systems in Surrey should select the right manufacturer and model of cordless phone. There are so many models available in the market that selecting the best phone according to the requirements of the business organization is a tough task. However, a little bit of research on phone specifications and reviews can help in judicious decision making.

The criteria for review include:

  • Battery Life – Cordless phones provide mobility, but if battery life is not up to the mark, the mobility may be severely affected. Compare the battery life of different cordless phones, and pick the one that matches your requirements. Some businesses require 13 hour talking time; Panasonic KX-TGE274S provides that very efficiently. But not everybody requires it. So decide the purpose and requirements of your organization.
  • Warranty & Support –Some businesses consider this as the most important criteria for business phone system in Surrey. A longer warranty life and prompt support come handy at the time of troubleshooting. This is important because in the worst case scenario that the network is down or the phones do not respond, instant troubleshooting can only get the system working again.
  • Number of Cordless Phones on a Device – This means how many phones a base-set can support. The maximum number for Panasonic business phones is 12, and the ideal number is 5. Depending upon the size of the business, and the employees/department requirements, one can purchase the ideal cordless phone model.

Ansatel is a leading communications service company that provides the best business phone systems in Surrey at competitive prices. The company’s experts can tell you a selfless review of varied cordless phones from different manufacturers. You can contact Ansatel for a comprehensive understanding of different models of Panasonic business phones in Surrey, before installation.