What Should You Know Before Getting a Business Phone System?


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Technological upgrades are taking place as you are reading this sentence. In this fast-moving world, it is important for you to keep your business up to speed with the changes that take place. When it comes to getting a new business phone system or updating the existing one, you must know what you are getting into before investing. The business phone system must be big enough to interconnect your whole business premise and capable of handling the volume of calls that comes in goes out.

Here are the three basic phone systems suitable for a business place. Each of them can get outsourced for handling and switch to a cloud-based host.

  1. Voice Over Internet Protocol

This system is the latest in the telephone industry for businesses. Large businesses that require high-quality, fast and long distance calls opt for this system. The VoIP system allows the caller and receiver to communicate across countries at cheaper rates than the earlier business phones. This enables owners of multinational businesses to connect with employees all over the world.

A business can leave the task of hosting the main system to the service provider and save costs of installation and maintenance.

  1. Private Branch Exchange

It is the best system for those businesses places that employ a large number of employees at one place and has to deal with thousands of clients each day. It allows automatic routing of all incoming calls and this makes communication within large firms easier and faster. It also comes with a UPS that allows the business to function for a long time in the event of a power-cut.

A hosted PBX system frees the business from the job of handling the switch devices. Even when the system is maintained by the connection provider, the business retains all the features that this business phone system has to offer.

  1. Key System Unit

The most basic of all the business phone system is the Key System Unit. It is enough for small businesses where employees work as phone operators. The number of phone lines that it a can incorporate is low so there are fewer connections through this system than the previous ones. However, it is easy to set up and use as it is very similar to a home telephone system.

The variation that a business can opt-in this system is the wireless KSU system. This has the capabilities of the wired line and adds the features of flexibility and portability. However, it is limited in terms of the number of operators who can use it.

As a business owner, you want to keep in touch with your employees and your clients all the time. At Ansatel Communications, we help you to get the best business phone system in Vancouver. Our Panasonic business phones are top-notch and get you online faster tha

Signs That Your Existing Phone System Needs an Upgrade


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Phones have been the primary medium of communication since the time of their invention. Even in the workplace phone systems serve as a go-to communication network. Experts say that the average lifespan of a phone system is about 6 to 8 years. After that, it either lags in features or goes out of operation. This outdated system can be detrimental to your business and thus make it suffer. So, the question is how you know that your business phone system is running behind.

Here are the signs to it:

  • Addition Of New Users Becomes A Struggle: A new person gets hired to join the team. It must be quite easy to assign the person his or her own number, isn’t it? However, with old phone systems, it is not that easy. This is because the number of users they can offer service is restricted. It can be quite costly if you try to increase the capacity of the system. In such a case, switching to a phone system which is cloud-based is the best option. The system offers seamless service without any limits.
  • Calls Cannot Get Accessed By Employees Outside The Office Premises: Today business not just gets conducted inside the office but also remotely. For this, you need a phone system which can always keep you in contact with the employees. Communication via messages or giving personal contact numbers of your employees to the customers is not a viable option. Instead, you must look for systems which can seamlessly transfer calls to your employees anywhere. Reputed companies rely on the Panasonic business phones in Surreyfor best results. Do not let go any customer or opportunity owing to an outdated communication system.
  • The Mobile And Landline Connections Are Separate: Are the business mobile phone and landline separate two entities for your business? If yes, it is time you go for unifying the communications. The advantages that the upgrade offers are simultaneous dialing, consolidated voicemail, easy redirects out-of-office, extension dialingfacility from mobile and landline and clear and unified phone bill.
  • All the Available Telephone Lines Are in Use Throughout:As the business expands, the outbound calls increase along with a simultaneous increase of incoming calls. If all the lines are in operation at the same time, you cannot call back your customers immediately. This is an indication that your phone system needs an upgrade. The business can never thrive for long if all the customer calls get diverted to voicemail whenever they try to contact you.
  • Multiple Systems Placed At Varied Locations: As business prospers, multiple offices get set up in different locations. In such a case, the best solution is the IP-PBX business phone system inSurrey. The solution is cost-effective, helps you to serve customers in a better way and also increases productivity.

If you are looking for the upgrading of business phone systems in Vancouver, then a trusted company like Ansatel Communications Inc. can offer you innovative solutions. They personally visit the places of their clients to solve telecommunication problems. They help to converge data and voice solutions asper the budget and specifications of the customers.

Tips to Assess Whether Your Business Phone System Vendor Is Stable or Not


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Hiring a company to handle your business phone system is quite a tricky job. You must choose a provider on whom you can rely on completely with handling your communication needs. Proper research work is essential before you can trust a company. Here are some ways in which you can judge whether the service provider is stable or not.

  • Experience Of The Company: Today you find that tech companies are growing up in large numbers. However, the question is how much you can rely on such newly developed companies. Rather, it is much safer to go for companies who have adequate knowledge in the field and have been serving customers for decades. If you choose young vendors, they may not be able to handle any new disruption that they have never dealt with earlier. Thus, considering the experience and knowledge of the company is an important factor, which determines its selection.
  • The Technology Of The Vendor Must Support The Long-Term Strategies Of Your IT Department: The communication solutions of the vendors can be either hardware-based, cloud-based or virtualized. Each of these options has their own shortcomings and advantages. The technology needs of your company keep changing rapidly. The system that satisfies your requirements now may not be profitable down the lane. Thus, you must hire such a company that can offer you immense flexibility and freedom in terms of communication. This helps in lowering the costs as well and you can easily shift to advanced solutions whenever required. The reputed companies dealing in business phone system in Surrey offer services that support multiple models, which ensure the future stability of the company.
  • Partner Community Must Be Strong: Most of the vendors offering communication services not only sell directly to their customers but also have partners for selling of products. This helps in adding more value to the services and products offered by the vendor company. If the companies do not have a strong and healthy partner community, they cannot fulfill the demands of the customers easily. Thus, hiring a phone system company on whom other companies believe in is always a wise decision.
  • The Patent Portfolio of the Vendor: Innovation is of great importance in the field of communication. In order to find out how innovative the company is, you must look at the records of their patent. The type and number of patents that the company has created over the years is a sign of their innovation. Many companies promise to strive for improvements in their mission statements. However, a check of their patent portfolios reveals the actual truth. 

Ansatel Communications is a leading company that offers Panasonic business phones in Surrey. They help in securing a bright future of communications in your company by prioritizing the long-term IT requirements of the company. They offer round the clock services as per your needs even after the work of installation is completed.

Valuable Benefits of Cloud Communication That One Must Know


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Many businesses today are increasingly using the cloud communications. The most important reason for this transition is because the technology is simple to use and investment is lower. Moreover, the return on investment is also quite higher as compared to the other tools of communication. This communication system requires the installation of both the software and hardware. However, you do not need to own the applications but instead only pay for the services that the provider of cloud communication offers you. Almost all the business phone systems in Vancouver have adopted this technology, which has made communication much easier and flexible.

Listed below are certain key benefits that you can enjoy with cloud communication:

  • Supports Multiple Work Locations: Modern businesses require offering communication networks to the remote workers who are working in several locations. The remote workers perform their tasks from a fixed location unlike the mobile workers. You may have a temporary office for a new project or a branch office, which is placed in some other country or city. The cloud communication system offers support to both the remote and mobile workers. There is no question of location in case of this communication system and thus it offers the same features to the users irrespective of where they work.
  • More Stress On Business And Not Infrastructure: Cloud based communication providers ensure that your engineers can concentrate more on satisfying the customers rather than being engaged in fixing up problems of the phones. The repairing of hardware and fixing bugs is the task of the provider, which is even mentioned in the agreement that you have with them. This helps the IT department of your company in concentrating in the growth of the business. Thus, the competitive edge of the company is maintained in the market.
  • Reduction in Costs: The traditional systems of communication involve many expenses owing to their expansion and maintenance. However, with cloud-based communication networks your investments and expenses are reduced largely. You also do not have to add more switches and servers as the number of workers in the office increases. The monthly communication costs remain constant and thus the system is quite cost-effective.
  • Remaining Updated with the Evergreen Communication System: Switching to the latest technology not only ensures better functionality but also increases the stability and security of the company. The cloud communication system requires to be updated at intervals but the entire risk is of the service provider and not the company.


If you are looking for Panasonic business phones in Vancouver then Ansatel Communications is your best choice. They have a team of experts who offer excellent communication solutions to the users. They offer premium quality business phone system as per the individual needs of the customers. You can avail customized and unmatched services from the company, which can solve your telecommunication problems with ease.

Investing In High-Quality Technical Gadgets For Field Service Technicians

Field technicians have to work in a rough and rugged environment. Most technicians have technical gadgets that can withstand the rugged conditions and be functional at all times without losing signal coverage. The toughness and resilience of your smart phone depend on its ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions like heavy rain, storm, accidental drops, etc.

Many smart phone companies have released durable versions that can adapt to atmospheric severity. If you desire good quality and weather resistant, Panasonic business phones can be an ideal choice for field technicians.

Some important points to consider before investing in a business phone system for businesses dealing with field service technicians:

  • Field technicians work in harsh and austere atmosphere. Therefore, their mobile phones should have advanced functional qualities to provide superior accessibility and boost the job productivity
  • Field service technicians use their mobile devices for conducting machine related diagnostics, documenting the service calls, reporting the calls, talking with other technicians and answering customer enquiries.
  • For assisting your field service technicians, you may require strong, resilient and semi-rugged smart phones, laptops, hand-held phones, and tablets. You may also need high-grade military devices for optimum functionality

If you are planning to buy a new device for your field service activities, apart from affordability and long-lasting durability, the handset has to offer the latest mobile technology. Some other must-have features for a sturdy device include swappable batteries, anti-clog cooling fan attribute for laptops (to be functional even in a dusty environment), signal boost technology for Wi-Fi, and strong laptops and mobiles that can endure a tumble or two in muddy water or rough terrain.

If you are searching for reliable business phone system in Surrey, explore online shops and do not forget to ask for the above-mentioned features. With a dedicated field service technician workforce, you can search online for new innovative mobile devices, which suits the peculiarities of any field job. Extreme weather conditions should encourage you to purchase military standard phones or certified gadgets that can survive bad climate and accidents.

Studies and info-graphic data reveal that 65% of the companies that use mobile tools and software have seen a good positive increase in field productivity and better customer satisfaction ratio. Moreover, using mobile tools can also fulfil environmental causes like requiring less paperwork. Purchasing a high-tech mobile hardware enables you to secure field service solutions that can assist in bridging the gap between the land-based office and field location. A good electronic device can boost work productivity, produce progressive performance and help in achieving profitable sales.

Thus, as a field service technician, you have to invest in high-quality rugged devices that can endure maximum wear and tear. Mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Firefox OS, Blackberry and Windows Phone offer consistent performance and best user experience. You should purchase a mobile system considering your budget, compatibility factors and on-field requirements.

It is always advisable to avoid cheap equipment; instead, it is best to go for classy and durable mobiles, tablets and laptops that require less maintenance and minimum yearly repairs.

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Moving Your Customer Service Operation To A Cloud-Based Contact Center

If you are considering moving your customer service phone business to advanced technology cloud software, it requires thorough planning and imbibing adaptive measures to the current cloud system features before starting your conversion process to help your business phone systems in Surrey.

Let us explore some key suggestions that can help you set up an agile and customer friendly cloud support for your Panasonic business phone system:

  • Cloud software with multi-channel communications

Move your contact center to good cloud support software that helps to connect with customers using superior communication channels such as chat, email or social media. It is a good idea to incorporate all the innovative channels for best multi-channel communicative gateways.

  • Access to all vital data for delivering effective customer service

Your business phones system IT developers should be able to widen the channels of communication to facilitate cloud vendor support with customer data. This customer information is essential and needs to be fed to all the support systems for addressing any major problems and improving communication patterns.

  • Merge old yet effective embedded functionalities with the new system

Superior cloud software should support all kinds of embedded automotive processes. If you have special programs to retrieve any customer data from the database, then the current cloud system should support and ensure that the function is working perfectly. Losing key functions when you switch to cloud software should not be tolerated.

  • Ensuring smooth development and management processes

Ideally the cloud software should be able to simplify matters through seamless interactions and ensuring high quality assurance standards. Your cloud based contact center should deliver best and interactive customer service.

  • Future support and integration with all the workflow programs

Cloud based contact center for Panasonic business phones should not be a detached or independent service; it needs to be designed in such as way that it can easily integrate with the entire system. Choose your cloud based functions carefully so that it is also future centric. The communicative channels should be able to add more features whenever there is a requirement.

  • Speedy disaster recovery solutions

Most of the business phone system networks do not give importance to 100% disaster management solutions; therefore they do not invest in recovery infrastructures. Those cloud software having disaster recovery back up infrastructure have a great advantage over others in crucial emergency situations. Best quality cloud-based contact center software offers recovery architecture and durable long lasting services so as to protect your phone business and provide advanced customer friendly communicative channels.

Choose a reputed and dependable vendor who can guarantee superior cloud software for substantial growth of your business in Surrey area. With an advanced cloud contact center, you can deliver timely and effective services plus provide faster maintenance facilities like employee training, incorporation of new policies and new support tools, all through one main digital (cloud based) framework. Select the best cloud-based contact center software model that suits all your business requirements and delivers high-end results for modern mobile friendly communications.

How Your Business Can Take Advantage of the Cloud-Based Communication Services?


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The cloud-based services have gained immense popularity due to the host of benefits it offers. More businesses are availing the services to cut-down on the IT costs, the convenience of availing services to manage servers and also for disaster recovery.

Reasons to Avail Cloud-Based Services for Your Business

Cost-Effective: By investing in the cloud-based business phone systems in Vancouver, you can add new capabilities to the existing operations, such as auto attendant facilities, video conferencing or other powerful tools. You have the opportunity of a wide selection of the endpoints and automated callbacks at an affordable price. The best part is you can avail all these facilities without investing in the infrastructure. You do not have to manage IT staff and premise-based systems. You can have access to the required capabilities for a software licensing monthly fee.

Deployment Flexibility: The advantage of the cloud-based services is that you just have to pay for the required features. A cloud-based communications system helps to quickly scale down or up according to the business requirements. You just have to purchase the required software licenses. There is no need for you to worry about paying more than required. Especially for the small to mid-size businesses cloud-based services are a great boon. You can add more headcounts or set up a new office when your business is on the upswing or reduce the number of licenses when it is experiencing a downturn.

Increased Productivity: With the cloud-based VoIP business phone system and the collaboration tools, it becomes easier to stay connected with the employees and share information at anytime and anywhere, such as from home, remote location, on road etc. You can launch voice, initiate calls and also arrange for video-conferences, access the corporate directories, share documents and make use of the instant messaging services no matter where you are. This undeniably boosts the productivity level and proves to be beneficial for your business.

Improved Customer Service: With the cloud-based communications services your team can work seamlessly round the clock from anywhere. As a result, you can be more responsive to the needs of your customers. With the help of the intelligent call-routing, you can promptly provide your customers the right agent with the right information. Remote workers can be part of the company queue during the times of the peak call-handling to lower the wait times that inbound callers experience. Thus by responding promptly to the customer queries you can create a good reputation of your Company and make your business prosper appreciably.

The Versatility of Communications: Cloud services enable employees to access unified messaging, phones, apps, chats and much more from any device at all. This also helps in connecting to your employees and to convene a fast conference for resolving certain issues. Your customers can also reach you on a particular office number, no matter where you go and whatever device you are using.

If you are interested in investing in the cloud-based PBX or VoIP systems, such as Panasonic business phones in Vancouver, do not look beyond Ansatel Communication Inc. It offers an array of products and services for communication including Panasonic business phones, voicemail systems, IP VoIP or PBX services, which is an amalgam of PBX functions with new age IP technology, that helps in advanced messaging and networking solutions.

Why is it Necessary for Call Centers to Have a Call Recording Solution?


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Earlier call recording and storage was expensive and complex but with the arrival of call recording software, it records the phone conversations over the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) or the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and finally stores it in digital-audio format. The software even has the function of call logging as well. Call centers should all have the call recording software for the myriad benefits offered by it.

The Advantages of the Call Recording Software

Augment Agent Performance
Recording a call can help to improve the performance of the agent of the call centre. All the agents are expected to communicate effectively, politely and clearly with the customers answering patiently all their queries. The best way the management of a call centre can monitor the performance of its employees, is by hearing the recorded calls. On the basis of the recorded calls the managers can give further training to the employees to improve their performance.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction
The recorded calls in business phone system in Surrey help the managers to resolve the customer complaints promptly. For instance, if an agent jots down the wrong information of the credit card of a customer, the manager can listen to the recorded call and correct the wrong information acquired by the agent instead of calling up the customer again. This saves the Company money, time and avoids irritating the customers as well.

Effective Sales Training to the Agents
The information or data collected from recorded calls can be used to offer productive sales training to call-centre agents. For example, if a customer is in happy mood, he will provide information on a lot of things during a conversation between him and the agent. This data or information can be used to boost the sales. Deft and experienced agents know how to push a product to a customer. By playing the calls of the experienced agents, managers can train the juniors. He can also select a bad call to point out the things that agents need to avoid while interacting with the customers.

Performance reviews
Reviewing the performance is of great importance to the employees as well as the company. With the help of the call recordings, the managers can compare the employee performance to the benchmark set by the company. On the basis of the calls the agents can find out their short comings and improve their tone and performance. The supervisors and the managers can also guide them for the same.

Better security
With an effective call-recording system in place, management can monitor the inappropriate calls and find out security problems. This helps to lower the personal calls made by employees.

In addition to the call recording software, new age systems like screen recording also helps to boost the employee performance and customer experience.

Ansatel Communications Inc. is a reputed provider of communications services. It offers superior quality Panasonic business phones as well as Panasonic communication assistant productivity software. It provides top-notch quality business phone systems in Surrey and high-performing VOIP business phone system. Contact their experts for queries by calling at (604) 872-6500.

Small Business Phone System: Effective Communication System



Small businesses and start-up organizations need to compete with the leading businesses in the industry. Business phone systems play a vital role of enabling communication within the organization.

Let’s look at how a good phone system is inevitable for any business

  • For seamlessly running business operations
  • For ensuring quality communication with clients
  • To make a good rapport
  • For rapid growth of business

Though it is the era of internet and communication, business phones still play a major role in the communication system. The internet further helps to enhance the phone system. Therefore, choosing the right business phone system becomes crucial especially for a small business or start up.

Considering the Factors

Small businesses or startups have various limitations and critical factors to consider which differ from large organizations. For example, building a strong reputation is of utmost importance if you want your business to keep growing. Your communication system is one of the factors that create the first impression of your business amongst your potential clients. Voice Over Internet Protocol system tends portrays an impressive and professional image. It offers various useful features like video calls and conferencing, call recording, virtual receptionist etc.

Here are the five major factors that will guide you to make the right choice:

  1. Features

Hosted phone systems usually give you a set of features for the chosen package which means you end up paying for features you might not need, but the on-premise system gives you the privilege to choose specific services as per your needs. So the extra costing and flexibility to choose can be the deciding factor here.

  1. Cost

This is a crucial factor for small businesses or startups as they tend to have a limited budget. Hosted phone systems have a lower upfront cost due to low installation charges and no additional facility required to support the system as the is remotely located. On-premise systems, on the other hand, have a much higher upfront cost as well as other installation charges and requirement of support facilities.

However, if the total cost is considered for each of the systems, spread over the lifespan of the system, the costing might reverse.

  1. Quality

A normal call quality is usually not affected by the phone system used and therefore it cannot be differentiated much. However, the issues creep in when the call traffic increases significantly. The on-premise system is capable of prioritizing the traffic and maintaining the call quality, but the hosted system witnesses a fight between data and voice packets.

  1. Customization

On-premise system allows the IT professionals to work with the system in order to integrate the business phone system with the existing programs and software. But the controls of customization lie with the service provider in case of hosted phone systems, making it difficult to implement any customization that is required.

  1. Tech Support

Hosted systems don’t usually need tech support after the successful deployment of the system. But that is a debatable aspect. For that it is important to consider whether your business requires handling a large amount of data across the internal network and the cost you are ready to incur.

Best Service Provider

If you are looking for a quality service provider for setting up business phone systems in Vancouver, Ansatel Communications is the right choice. With highly experienced and dedicated professionals, who understand your requirements before suggesting the suitable system for you, the company offers superb after sales services too. We strive to exceed the expectation of our clients at all times.

The Right Phone System: Hosted vs. On-Premise


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Effective communication in the organization plays a key role. When you set up a company, business phone systems investment needs to be a thoughtful decision. Moreover, merely setting up the phone system is not enough. . So choosing the right phone system that caters to the needs of your communication network is vital. Installing a communication system is a significant investment which once made cannot be easily reversed. Therefore, ensure that you conduct the necessary research before making the final decision.

Factors to Consider

Whether you switch from one phone system to another or install a phone system for the first time, here are few things to consider:

Understanding Your Companies Need

  • What are the shortcomings of the current system that you are trying to fulfill with the new system?
  • What is the possibility of an expansion in the future which the system might need to cater?
  • Are there any compliance guidelines that need to be considered?
  • Can you train your IT team and the employees on the system you will be installing?
  • Which features are absolutely necessary for the communication system?
  • Who are the vendors or service providers of business phone systems in Vancouver currently?

Understanding the Vendor

  • What is the platform required for installing the new system?
  • What other resources are mandatory to maintain and upgrade the system with time?
  • Does the system accommodate expansion in terms of users as well as location? If yes, how many?
  • Checking compatibility with existing software and programs
  • What is the cost of the comprehensive system and installation?
  • What are the features included in the basic package and what is the cost of any additional feature?
  • Pre-purchase and post-sale services and support

These are some of the basic questions which help you have a fair idea of whether to choose a hosted phone system or the on-premise system.

The Debate

Though you toned to make the choice between a hosted phone system and the on-premise system, it is not a competition of the best but rather the system that best suits your business. It is about choosing the system that caters to all the communication requirements of your business.

Here is the comparison to guide you to choose the best:

  1. Capital and Deployment Costs
Hosted Phone System On-Premise Phone System
Capital cost: Hardware and software installation and acquiring the necessary license.

Deployment Cost: Low upfront cost as the only cost incurred is equipping your employees with IP phones

Capital cost: Hardware and software installation and acquiring the necessary license.

Deployment Cost: Higher upfront cost incurred to install the system, employee training and troubleshooting possible hitches.

  1. Flexibility
Hosted Phone System On-Premise Phone System
Easy addition and alteration of features by just giving the service provider a call. Changes will require planning and execution, while the addition of new location or new branch might not be economically possible.
  1. Scalability
Hosted Phone System On-Premise Phone System
Instant scaling can be done seamlessly by the IT team, does not require the attention of any technician. This system caters for a fixed number of user units and therefore any expansion plans need to predicted and accounted for before the installation process
  1. Circuits
Hosted Phone System On-Premise Phone System
Installation and configuration are completely the service provider’s responsibility. It is on you to ensure the accurate installation of the system which includes the circuits and connections.
  1. Facilities
Hosted Phone System On-Premise Phone System
Installation is in a remote location and company need not maintain any support facilities. The company will need to maintain appropriate facilities to support the system.

Choosing the Best Services

When you choose your service provider, you would want them to bring in their expertise and give you their best service. Ansatel is a service provider that offers the best business phone systems in Surrey and has over three decades of experience in the industry. We believe in excellent service and respect the unique requirement of each client irrespective of the size of their business. Choosing the right service provider is also a crucial step in setting up a new business phone system.