Features to Look for While Buying a Cordless Phone


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Cordless phones are very useful in homes and small business set ups. Cordless base set with multiple phone connections can create a business phone system. They can even host it over a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or internet telephony to create a hosted PBX business phone system. This is only one of the advantages of using cordless phones in this day and age of mobile smartphones.

There are many other benefits such as:

  • Cordless phones provide better call quality as compared to mobile phones because cordless phones are not dependent on mobile towers for signals.
  • They offer improved voice clarity on call as compared to mobile phones. There are frequent complaints of call drop and broken voice on mobile phones.
  • Business phone systems in Surrey utilize customized phones including fixed-landlines and cordless phones. Mobile phones are seldom useful for this purpose, even though those also provide features such as conferencing, caller identification, text messaging, email, just like the cordless phone.
  • Cordless phones are preferable for families and senior citizens because the fonts on keypad are larger in size and cordless phones provide better connectivity and reliability compared to mobile phones.

New offices looking to set up cordless business phone systems in Surrey should select the right manufacturer and model of cordless phone. There are so many models available in the market that selecting the best phone according to the requirements of the business organization is a tough task. However, a little bit of research on phone specifications and reviews can help in judicious decision making.

The criteria for review include:

  • Battery Life – Cordless phones provide mobility, but if battery life is not up to the mark, the mobility may be severely affected. Compare the battery life of different cordless phones, and pick the one that matches your requirements. Some businesses require 13 hour talking time; Panasonic KX-TGE274S provides that very efficiently. But not everybody requires it. So decide the purpose and requirements of your organization.
  • Warranty & Support –Some businesses consider this as the most important criteria for business phone system in Surrey. A longer warranty life and prompt support come handy at the time of troubleshooting. This is important because in the worst case scenario that the network is down or the phones do not respond, instant troubleshooting can only get the system working again.
  • Number of Cordless Phones on a Device – This means how many phones a base-set can support. The maximum number for Panasonic business phones is 12, and the ideal number is 5. Depending upon the size of the business, and the employees/department requirements, one can purchase the ideal cordless phone model.

Ansatel is a leading communications service company that provides the best business phone systems in Surrey at competitive prices. The company’s experts can tell you a selfless review of varied cordless phones from different manufacturers. You can contact Ansatel for a comprehensive understanding of different models of Panasonic business phones in Surrey, before installation.

Benefits of Hosted PBX Business Phone System


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Hosted PBX Business Phone system uses internet to set up a telephone communication system within the office, and between different branch offices of the same company/business. The days of dependence on telephone service provider are over.

The benefits of a PBX business phone system are:

  1. Professional Corporate Communication Services – Business phone systems in Vancouver give an impression of high-end communication network within the organization. When a client, consumer or client calls a hosted phone, an automated answer greets her/him followed by queries regarding the nature of the call. Now some people might find this annoying, however, it is better than trying endlessly on a given number without any proper response.Since the Panasonic Business phones provide extension numbers for different handsets and offices, if a client is aware of the department extension number, they can directly route their call there.This coordinated calling system is considered a big business practice. However, the good news is that the small and mid-sized businesses can also install and use business phone systems in Vancouver for almost half-the-price they spend on regular telephone connections.
  2. Easy Virtual Expansion – Panasonic business phones in Vancouver that work through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allow you to host cloud based PBX system. This is a boon for offices with multiple branches because cloud based systems make inter-office calling totally inexpensive. The company can use the same software application to set up a business phone system in different offices, allowing the employees to communication and collaborate over long distances at highly reduced prices.
  3. All in One Integrated Communication – Business phone systems score over the traditional line-to-line telephones in many ways. These hosted PBX systems provide the entire suite of communication technologies to the employees and clients, such as calling, short message service (SMS), fax, e-mail, conference calls, caller identification, voice to text/email conversion, customized no-response messages, etc. No extra expenses for any of these services.
  4. Compatible With Different Phone Models – A lot of electronic companies manufactures PBX phone systems because there is a steady demand for it from small, medium, and large organizations, including hospitals, hotels, academic institutions, airports, etc. One can either source the phone from the IP service provider or order Panasonic business phones that are compatible with the business needs. The business phone systems come in different specifications, and a company can place bulk order according to its needs and budgetary requirements.

To be able to reap the complete benefits of hosted PBX business phone systems, companies must pay attention to the selection of right IP service provider, and the business phone model. Opt for the service provider that provides the best, and most dedicated troubleshooting services because one cannot imagine out of service communication channel. For reliable and most optimum business phone systems in Vancouver for your organization, get in touch with the consultants at Ansatel Communications Inc.

Why You Should Switch to Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems in Surrey?


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All across the globe, enterprises and SMBs are switching over from their archaic telephony hardware to cloud-based business phone systems for simple and affordable communication. As companies today get more serious about cloud implementations, they start considering how it would really matter to their business.

Many enterprises are, in fact, surprised at the level of productivity gains achieved by implementing a cloud-based business phone system in Surrey that is flexible, grows with their business, and stays updated every month, without being time-consuming, resource-draining, and expensive.

So, if you haven’t yet embraced cloud telephony, here are some good reasons why you should adopt it right away.

  1. Cost Effective

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why enterprises and SMBs are switching over to cloud-based business phone systems in Surrey is cost efficiency. No expensive hardware installation, no resources, and no hidden maintenance costs! You can use your own device or invest in best-in-class Panasonic business phones in Surrey that are equipped with cloud technology. Low maintenance keeps the cost even lower.

  1. Plug-And-Play

One of the greatest advantages is that everything is on cloud. Right from your contacts to call logs, messages, voicemails, conference calls and more, you do not have depend on cumbersome software or hardware installations. This ensures utmost flexibility for your employees, even on the go.

  1. Scalable

Your business grows, and so does your cloud-based business phone system in Surrey. The real beauty of cloud-based services is that it can seamlessly scale to accommodate continuously changing needs of a business. So, as your enterprise grows, the phone system would be efficient in handling peak call volumes, resource-intensive features, and much more to keep you at pace and never let you miss an opportunity. You would also be able to reach a wider customer base, thanks to cloud telephony.

  1. Productivity on the Go

24/7 availability of cloud-based business phone systems in Surrey adds to your business’s productivity, even on the go. Irrespective of your location, you are constantly in connection with your business and customers, thus, adding to your enterprise’s productivity even when you are away.

  1. Easy Configuration and Maintenance

Are your employees unable to take client calls today? Planning to take a day-off from your busy schedule? Do not let your business suffer. Cloud telephony systems help you configure and modify the settings seamlessly and instantly with the aid of browser-based control management. Cloud systems are also low maintenance, i.e. you do not need a call center or receptionist to meet your changing call volumes. All these factors deliver utmost flexibility to business owners.

  1. Real-Time Business Analytics

Cloud-based phone systems like Panasonic business phones in Surrey bring in transparency in the communication process. Keep strict vigil on all business communications through call recordings and logs. This way you would never miss a business opportunity again.

The above-mentioned reasons well justify why more and more enterprises and SMBs are shifting to cloud-based phone systems. If you are considering making the big leap, Ansatel Communications Inc. provides a wide choice of business phone systems in Surrey, with smart enterprise-level features and excellent services.        

Top 8 Benefits of Having a Virtual Phone System for Small Businesses


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If you run a small business, there are several factors to consider when having a business phone system. These may range from cost considerations and choosing the right business communication number to more complex requirements like having special features such as diverting numbers, voicemail, future proofing the phone system, etc.

The latest trend in business phone systems in Vancouver is VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. Despite that VoIP phone system is relatively new to many businesses; 10 years from now, most small businesses would have switched over to this cutting-edge business communication system, offering a wide range of benefits as discussed herewith.

What is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is internet-based virtual phone system that leverages latest technologies to place the call via internet rather than conventional phone lines. Thus, it provides a very affordable option of business communication when compared to traditional business phone system, which require expensive hardware setup and phone line installation at your office site.

Benefits of Virtual Phone System for Small Businesses

Virtual phone systems like Panasonic business phones bring a handful of benefits for small businesses and startups as discussed here:

  1. Cost Saving

Since startups and small businesses have poor working capital, cost savings is the primary reason why they switch to virtual phone system rather than traditional business phones. Thanks to technology advancement and the beauty of online calling, VoIP can reduce monthly phone costs by up to 70%. Call charges are usually much lower than traditional carriers. Your business telephone number is hosted in the cloud and thus, it eliminates costly line rentals every month. Furthermore, VoIP phone systems do not require hardware installation and there is virtually no setup fee.

  1. Get Enterprise-Level Business Phone Features with VoIP

Just a few years back, small business owners with a small budget couldn’t imagine enjoying enterprise-level business phone features. But thanks to modern business phone systems in Vancouver, they can now have professional features like call forwarding, custom IVR menu, call recording, conference calls, voicemail, call screening, call logging, hold music, conference calls, and much more. This allows small business owners to render their customers a sophisticated and rich business communication experience.

  1. Improved Productivity on the Go

VoIP phone system can work anywhere, and not just at your office desk. So, wherever your employees are, important business calls can be routed instantly to their mobile phone or app wherever internet connectivity is available. Faxes and voicemails are also be forwarded as PDF or MP3 attachments to email accounts. Thus, even when you are on the move, work and communication continues.

  1. Reach Out to More Customers

Key VoIP features and low-cost internet calling allow small businesses to reach out to a broader customer base nationally and internationally.

  1. Fast Setup and Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional business phones, VoIP system does not require hardware installation and is quick to setup. Low maintenance is another advantage that makes it an ideal choice for small businesses today.

Ansatel Communications Inc. brings a wide array of virtual phone systems like Panasonic business phones with enterprise-level features and cost advantage for businesses of any size.  


Choosing A Small Business Phone System: Traditional Landline VS VoIP



Small business phone systems have changed remarkably over the years. From the conventional landline phones to the internet-based connections available today, choices are aplenty.

Voice over IP, or VoIP, is a relatively innovative concept of small business phone systems. It works with the internet connection instead of traditional landline phones. There are some major benefits of VoIP over conventional business phone systems, which include:

  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Minimal installation/setup
  • Requires lesser maintenance
  • Has advanced features like call transfer and auto-attendant

While the call quality with VoIP remains the same as traditional phone services, you should have an appropriate internet connection to use it.

VoIP Small Business Phone System – What Is It?
Most businesses use Skype or Vonage, which is VoIP, for making phone calls. Whilst these applications are meant for personal use, there are several companies specializing in VoIP business phone systems too.

There are 2 major areas of costs involved with VoIP – the cost of handset (one time) and the cost of service. Mostly, VoIP providers would price their services based on subscription and the number of lines used. In general, the cost varies between USD30 to USD60 per line per month inclusive of fees and taxes. Along with this, users get an array of features such as long distance calls and free local calls, call transfer and call queue features with music on hold, call ringing multiple lines, and auto-attendant for calls to be directed using keypad.

Generally, VoIP can be used with any service provider. However, you have to choose an appropriate handset for this purpose, especially meant for small businesses. The cost of an average VoIP handset ranges from USD50 (on the lower side) to several hundred dollars with additional features for video calls. Since VoIP is an internet based calling system, there are no maintenance or installation charges.

Conventional Business Phone Systems
Conventional landlines have been the most convenient ways of communication for business over the years. With these phones, you would either have dedicated phone lines or Private Branch Exchange, or PBX system. It is the PBX system that brings functionalities like intercom, call transfer, call queuing, phone directory, group ringing and much more. In fact, PBX has transformed the traditional small business phone system with enhanced features.

Call and Quality
Traditional business phone systems are definitely more advantageous than VoIP phones when call quality is concerned. However, as a result of increased internet speed and performance, and innovative technology, VoIP service providers strive to offer unparallel services.

There are two important factors that determine the quality of VoIP calls – stability and speed of internet connection. Whilst a typical cable based broadband connection can support maximum 131 high quality VoIP calls at once, a DSL connection can support only up to 6. This, however, is only possible when the same connection is not being used for other purposes such as browsing.

Features of Latest Business Phone Systems
You can expect some or all of the following features:

  • Voicemail
  • Conference calling
  • Call forwarding/Internal transferring
  • Office intercom

The Bottom-line
VoIP is, undoubtedly, an advanced technology and not just an alternative to traditional landlines. If you are planning to switch over to VoIP, you can try Ansatel and its products. Ansatel offers a wide range of VoIP business phone systems with advanced features.

Choosing a Business Phone System for a Virtual Company



With the consistent growth and development of mobile technology, use of Cloud-based programs and data storage system, and the steady demand for reduced startup costs, several new businesses are looking for a better option for their offices. Office space should be utilized judiciously to accommodate essentials. The best way, however, is to go virtual – with the help of the Web connecting employees, customers, clients and business partners.

Experts suggest that there are plenty of advantages of establishing a virtual headquarter for your business. It includes reduced overhead costs, increased productivity, and overall environmental adjustment.

Communication System – How the Virtual Business World Functions?
One of the most vital aspects of a business is communication – the ability of all employees to keep in touch with one another and the company to communicate with its clients and partners. That is how business is generated.

Whilst not having a traditional office setup changes the way and mode of communication, it does not however mean that virtual offices are less effective in sharing or transferring information.

As a matter of fact, with improved mobile technology, the virtual business world is now sharing information across varied platforms efficiently, especially with the latest business phone systems.

Choosing a Business Phone System
One of the most important factors to ensure seamless and fluent communication across virtual networks is to pick up the right business phone system for virtual businesses.

Without having a physical office, there is no need to purchase an expensive PBX-based phone system or KSU, or landlines. These types of business phones require maintenance and are expensive too.

As such, the only choice is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. With VoIP, you can make regular calls via internet connection instead of using the traditional landline. Bear in mind, to get the highest call quality, you as well as your employees should have access to high-speed internet or broadband connection.

Overall cost savings for international calls and long-distance calls is significant compared with any traditional landline or telephone service. Most VoIP service providers now offer free local as well as long-distance calls anywhere in the world and they offer lower rates for international calls too. Thus, VoIP is ideal for companies with clients and employees based all over the country as well as around the world.

VoIP Features and Benefits
As a business phone system, VoIP is definitely a money saving choice for your company. However, there is a fierce competition amongst service providers which makes it difficult to choose. Some service providers are offering cooler features like high-definition video conferencing too.

Noted below are some of the important features you can find in VoIP business phone systems:

  • Local telephone numbers
  • Toll-free number for business
  • Auto attendant feature to help route calls to appropriate persons
  • Call forwarding feature for businesses, home phones or cell phones
  • Dial-by-name phone directory
  • Holiday and special greetings
  • On-hold music
  • Caller ID
  • Call screening
  • Virtual fax
  • Visual voicemail
  • Call recording
  • Call logs
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Call encryption
  • Integrated messaging

With hosted phone services such as VoIP, you need not hire a person to maintain your business phone system or office phone – your chosen service provider would happily manage all technical and service related problems.

Ansatel Communications is one of the leading business phone system suppliers in Canada. For high quality services, you can rely on Ansatel.

5 Unique Features Every Business Should Leverage from Modern Office Phone System


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The telephony technology is continuously evolving. While we have seen major infrastructure changes like the switch from landline to mobile and shift from traditional office phones to VoIP, there are also several smaller functional changes that make the bigger transformations happen.

In this blog, we highlight 5 unique features of modern office phone systems that have brought in revolutionary changes over the past two decades. While some of these features facilitate smaller business efficiencies, others bring bigger and systematic improvements to how business phone systems are secured and managed. All these features are easy to implement, and if your business isn’t leveraging any of these, 2016 should be a year of change.

1. Give Your Business a Local Presence and Make Communication Easy
Businesses have varying needs and objectives. While one needs to have a stronger local presence, others may demand a global presence. Your phone system should be designed likewise. At the core, it should be important to make communication and connectivity easy and hassle-free. Modern phone system like Panasonic phone offers a variety of phone number options that can make it easy for consumers and clients to contact you, and improve your brand recognition. A wide range of options include Directory Listings, Local Numbers, International Numbers, and Toll-free Numbers. So, make the right choice that fits your business needs.

2. Effective Call Management for Improved Caller Experience
Callers (and if they are your customers) hate to be on-hold. Therefore, you should strive to make their experience more pleasant and productive. Latest phone systems give you the option to customize settings to improve caller experience. Make sure that you do not miss calls or have long waiting times and call drops. Your team should have few advanced features at their command such as Call Forwarding, Answering Rules, Automatic Call Recording, Shared Lines, Call Screening, Call Flip, Intercom, Shared Lines, Call Park, Missed Call Notifications, Message Alerts, and Call Logs.

3. Devices and Phone Service
One advantage that modern phone systems, such as Panasonic phones, come with is Cloud service. This makes it easier to administer your calls across all locations, incorporates multiple calling options, includes all users, and integrates diverse devices seamlessly. Some of the key features that every business with Cloud phone service should leverage are Caller ID Control, Secure VoIP Service, Desktop App, VoIP Headsets, Analog Adapters, etc.

4. Cloud PBX
This is one important and unique office phone system feature that can revolutionize the way you manage your calls and contacts, and delightfully, at a fraction of cost. Some of the key elements that you should take into consideration are hosted PBX service, multi level IVR, auto receptionist, call reports, user templates, call monitoring, access control, extensions, on-hold music, seamless sign in, and much more.

5. Business SMS
One unique feature (and one that is not commonly used) of office phones that businesses should consider is the option to send and receive text messages via your business number and through your Smartphone, computer or tablet. You can also make unlimited text messages via your office phone number.

Ansatel Communications Inc. is one of Canada’s leading converged communications providers, offering a wide range of data and voice solutions via Panasonic phones, business phone systems, voice mail services, headsets, networking, Nortel/Avaya, and IP PBX/VoIP.

Choosing an Office Phone System: Buyers Guide 2016


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Well, you could use your mobile phone, but then, you are at the mercy of poor signal strength and short-lived battery life.

You could use your home phone, but then, be ready to receive calls all throughout the night.

While both seems cost effective and a lucrative solution to minimize your overhead costs, neither of them even come closer to the professionalism and functionality of office phone systems being used by some large organizations.

And here lies the biggest problem. Your phone is the gateway to your business, and choosing the right one that fits your need and company size is most important.

However, before you make the big leap towards making a hefty investment as that in a Panasonic phone, there are certain things you need to figure out first:

1. Do you need a comprehensive business phone system that includes physical office phones, or you could do with modern virtual phone services that are completely cloud-based systems unlike traditional phones?

Here it is vital to consider the pros and cons of both physical phones and cloud-based systems. Cutting-edge office phone systems like Panasonic have powerful features like VoIP, SIP ergonomic design, wireless operation, high definition audio, LCD display, multiple function keys, business applications, and conferencing that aid in effective business communication. Considering these smart features and the size of your business, buying Panasonic phones may be the best bet for you.

On the other hand, virtual office phone systems are one that are completely internet-based, and allows building communication with your staff, customers and clients using just one number. The biggest advantage of virtual phones is that you can access and manage the phone system via the Internet, anywhere and anytime. Moreover, you can have just one number for all your business needs, and pay one flat rate per month for the service.

So, what’s your pick?

2. Next, determine what kind of service you want? You can choose between traditional landline telephone system provided by your local or regional carrier, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, which runs completely over the Internet. There are certain models of Panasonic phone that offer the best of both worlds – traditional business phone system complemented with VoIP service.

3. If you prefer VoIP, it is important to decide whether you want to host the VoIP system at your business location, i.e. premises based, or want to be hosted by your service provider, i.e. cloud based.

Buying a VoIP office phone system can be challenging. And one the biggest dilemma is to choose a premises-based system or a cloud-based solution. Here, it is important to consider certain factors like critical business communication features, your existing infrastructure, upfront cost, Total Cost of Ownership, and scalability.

Considering these important factors will help you choose the right office phone for your business.

Ansatel Communications Inc. is a leading provider of telecommunication solutions and services in Canada. The company offers a wide range of customized solutions that include Panasonic Phone, Nortel Business Communication Managers, Unified Communications, Voicemail Systems, Networking, Business Phone Systems, Conference Telephone, and Headsets.